How Online Gaming Can Keep You Socially Engaged


It is obvious that social media is rising at a tremendous rate and as this is happening, Generation Z gamers are embracing it and actually perfecting the way that social media connects people who have the same interests such as online gaming. 

Online gaming communities are using social media to connect around the concept of video games. It is safe to say that just like London Chelsea escort reviews portraying relationship building, online gamers are doing the same; not only playing with strangers anymore but forging enduring and authentic friendships being fostered in real time. 

Explosion of Gaming

There are a few critics that view online gaming as one that isolates people, but with social distancing and social media, that is no longer true. In this age of social distancing and with mental health tension on people, online gamers are using the tool that they have had for such a long time to find relief to others who have probably never used a controller. 

Gaming has exploded since social distancing became the norm. This is now an outlet for those who need to be connected in isolation. Online gaming is now reaching individuals who have infrequently played, never indulged in video games, or may have snubbed it altogether. 

According to a survey done recently by a business research firm, NPD, in the United States alone, there are about four out of every five consumers who played online video games within the past six months. In addition, there are many industries that have reported booming sales on the gaming platform. 

Social Capital

Before social distancing went into effect, most people relied on face-to-face relationships and connections to validate themselves and to make friends. However, with social distancing, online gaming is now providing social capital to many people who feel isolated. 

Online friendships are now the norm for many people who feel locked out of social resources, if not through technology. Video games and other online games have provided hope for many who feel strongly about the idea of socialization. This is not something new to video game enthusiasts because they have been building relationships and staying connected to online community members for years. 

No More Stereotypes

A survey published in 2003 indicates that approximately 3,000 players said that they connect with other players through various online gaming platforms. This study contradicts early studies done that stereotyped online gamers as being isolated, antisocial, and not in tune with society. In fact, it is the opposite. About 10% of online gamers form various types of relationships online; even romantic connections. In 2020, the lockdowns caused people to actually search for ways they can connect online and some have chosen to do so on a gaming portal where it tends to be a fun environment that takes them out of their isolated reality at home. Now, people are realizing that there are different outlets to help them to socialize and connect. 

The Twitch Platform

Not only has social distancing caused a reduction in face-to-face communication, but it has also caused more individuals to learn about online gaming and view it as a way to socially interact with others with similar goals of staying socially engaged. Twitch, owned by Amazon, is where individuals have the ability to watch other individuals play live video games while chatting with other viewers and the streamer in real time. 

In the first six months of the year 2020, Twitch tallied 5 billion hours of viewing content. That should reveal how much people are yearning for social engagement. For this reason, Twitch has seen more popularity; expansion of its platform has now gone beyond the gaming enthusiasts and this has everything to do with the social distancing limitations of 2020. 

In fact, Twitch now has authors launching their books on this platform. Musicians are also holding their concerts on Twitch using the same game streaming model.  In addition, new gaming communities have been created on the Twitch platform and this includes specific gamers such as LGBTQ individuals and military personnel as well. 

New and Existing Player Connection

Online gaming has helped new and existing players to stay connected and socially engaged during the social distancing period, which is still ongoing. For a long period of time, there are people who have snubbed their noses at gaming; seeing it as being a waste of time and viewing gamers as being weird. 

Now, even companies are jumping on board; creating gaming portals where people can connect and socially engage as they try to get through the isolation period without feeling alone. Gaming is now easily accessible to more individuals. Even though individuals staring for long hours at a screen might appear to be unhealthy, the World Health Organization is of the belief that this could be important to forming and nurturing relationships with others. 

During social distancing, relationships are still important, if people want to remain connected. Gaming has proven to be a direct social and psychological benefit across different generations. 

As social distancing continues and millions of people globally face social isolation, it is safe to say that online gaming is a lifeline solution to staying connected. Even after the social distancing period, many of these new gamers might still continue the trend of socializing with others over the Internet. 

With its millions of global users, online gaming has indicated that it is the solution for virtual connection where so many people continue to accrue social capital. Many people who have connected online gaming platforms will remain friends after the pandemic; whether online or offline. 


Online gaming does encourage avid interaction and connection between players. Some people are relying on this trend to stay socially engaged. Therefore, while they are racking up social capital, they are also forming lasting relationships that will prove to be tremendously useful in years to come. 

Many individuals have realized the true benefit of online gaming during this pandemic because of its ability to bring communities closer together and using it to stay connected in isolation. 

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Source of entertainment 

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Inexpensive fun

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Gaming– Do Not Bet On It

The even more state governments authorize of legalizing gambling establishments, lottery games, as well as various types of gambling (in addition to several good organizations and some religious groups), the more citizens become perplexed about whether it is respectable and right to take part.

The initial regular lottery was accredited to be drawn slot for charitable purposes at Malines, in the Low Countries, on September 13, 1519. It was to benefit the Church of St. Peter.

An English lotto game in 1612 supported the English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. In between 1744 and also 1894, greater than 1,300 different lottos were approved. Harvard University’s Holsworthy Hall was constructed from such lottery funds. In the 1830s, lots of Americans began to oppose lotteries. State after the state began to prohibit them. In 1894, Congress had closed interstate and international business to lotto game materials, therefore finishing the lottery game fad. In 1963, New Hampshire restored the American lotto practice by instituting such.

John Jacobson, the Executive Supervisor of the “National Association of Fund Raising Ticket Manufacturers,” stated that in 1992 a minimum of $6.4 billion was invested in bingo, drawings, and another ticket ready charity in the U.S.A. The income from the wagers netted about $721 million for charities in 26 states and also the Area of Columbia. The amount did not include the quantity of cash put right into electronic betting, such as slots and video slotclip equipment neither dice, punch boards, horse racing, football parlays, examine stub number matching, and so on. The organization proactively lobbies versus those devices which take on the tickets it produces.

The inquiry is often asked, “Is it wicked to bet?” I will certainly attempt to address this concern from the Scriptures and also by using some common sense. May it be comprehended that the quantity one wagers does not warrant it, as it is the betting principle that makes it wrong.

Betting is an attempt to gain without functioning. All lotteries come under this heading. Genesis 3:17 -19 states that male is to benefit a living. Similarly, Ephesians 4:28; 6:6 calls for the old fashioned job. In II Thessalonians 3:10, the inspired works mention that those refusing to work ought not to be given charity. Those that are unable (physically or mentally) do not come under this category.

Nonetheless, when a job is available, and one refuses to work– he is not to be contributed to. Our contemporary government welfare programs must be reading the Scriptures. Then perhaps our tax obligations would be a lot less.

Some would certainly indicate the Scriptures as well as attempt to prove gambling is justified. Typically, one will point to Exodus 28:30 to the use of “Urim & Thummim.” Nonetheless, this was a means by which divine revelation was disclosed to the High Priest. God guided this, and nothing that God guides is in mistake. Likewise, some will certainly indicate Acts 1:26 to the “Spreading of Great deals,” for the choice of a substitute for Judas Iscariot. However, slot this was a treatment that God accepted.

I Corinthians 5:11 uses a Greek word “HARPAX,” which is converted “Extortion,” and also “Swindler” in English. It indicates to confiscate, complete by force, rob, ransack … It means to take without giving up return! That is what gambling is– it is all for taking residence the reward without providing labor in return.

Gambling – An Overview On The Concept

Gambling and bets. These are two terms that might be co-occurring on being aware of some related activity going nearby. Be it today’s modern casino games or the ancient gladiators’ duel being betted upon for chances of winning, and it has been a concept evolving through generations. However, it has been an essential factor that has shaped opinions and even created a glittery image in the minds of many curious amateurs.

The Global Gambling Market has seen a surge in recent times owing to the market trends of inflation, as a means to earn quick money and addictive purposes as well. However, if you get a clear idea about the aspects of Gambling, it gives an overview of the concept. Here are the pointers you might find insightful:

Gambling is a game of chance

For any gambler, this is an aspect that in no case undergoes any change. Even the most successful player feels the risk of chances. It is the risk factor upon which the pastime thrives upon. 

Tho, the game you play decides the chances of winning proportional to the winnings of the game. The more the victories, the lesser are the odds of wins and vice versa. 

However, the odds of being consistently favoured in a chance for every move has no certainty.

Gambling teaches you how to lose

Gambling originated out of recreational activity. Those of you who are prepared for the thrill of odds falling on either of the sides are ready for the game of gamble. 

The basic idea behind the origin of this was leisure to spend on one’s own happiness freely. And it is what gives a sense of satisfaction to any gambler when stepping out of the gambling space for the day. 

Gambling teaches command 

When you lose once, you understand what losing can mean to you. Not necessarily you will have a good day always at gambles. As you lose, you learn to manage your skills and resources better when you are suffering, know when to back off and keep your streak until the next day teaches a sense of control. 

Setting some basic rules on a fixed amount of cash outflow of your pocket can help you achieve the same.

Social and Economic Impacts

The first impact that a gamble spot establishment has is on its surroundings. The social results might give rise to ideas on living standards and practising the opinions visible to the outside world.

Besides they also result in an economic boost, since wherever gamble activities are ongoing, there’s bound to be employment opportunity. As a result, the nation sees an increase in its GDP as well as gets more popular amongst tourists.


Hence, when looked at a broader vision, the aspects of Gambling could be handy tools. They can meet the recreational needs as well as suffice the monetary support to some extent, provided it is appropriately managed.

Whichever form of Gambling you opt for, the recreation factor will prevail, and the thrill that drives you for it will give the gambler’s satisfaction to you. Make sure you recognize the pointers as mentioned above to serve the purpose. 


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